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The Plan Committee sits on Thursdays during 2020, days of submission are preceding Wednesdays. We kindly remind clients to observe the day of submission made necessary by processing the plans (checking on meeting the requirements, delivering to members of the plan committee) and past that, delivering of the assessments.

Scheduled hearings of the Hegyvidék Plan Committee for the year 2020:

date of submission date of haring
8th January (Wednesday) 16th January (Thursday)
29th January (Wednesday) 6th February (Thursday)
19th February (Wednesday) 27th February (Thursday)
11th March (Wednesday) 19th March (Thursday)
25th March (Wednesday) 2nd April (Thursday)
15th April (Wednesday) 23rd April (Thursday)
6th May (Wednesday) 14th May (Thursday)
27th May (Wednesday) 4th June (Thursday)

Changes of the schedule are published on the website. We kindly ask clients to follow the website for updates regularly.

Planing documentation sent on the days of submission are screened and assessed on the hearings, the Plan Committee is unable to assess late submissions. Additional plan drafts cannot be screened or assessed on the hearings of the Plan Committee!
Administrator: Ms Tölgyesi-Morvai Krisztina plan committee secretary Phone: 224-5900/ 5218, Zoning and Head Architect Office, Room 307.