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Tenants and cohabiting family members are eligible for housing benefits upon the following conditions:

  • monthly net income per capita less than 85,500 HUF, as well as
  • not in the possession of real or movable assets with a total combined market value over 5,700,00 HUF, as well as
  • no other dwelling is rented or in their possession or beneficial ownership, and
  • the amount of the rental fee exceeding 10 percent of their combined net income.

    Only one person may receive housing benefits regardless of the number of persons or households inhabiting the dwelling (the spouse, the child, the child and the parent of an admitted child of the tenant, as well as persons admitted into the dwelling with the renter’s approval are eligible to be considered as cohabiting family members).

    Regardless of the above, the tenant is ineligible for housing benefits under the following conditions:
  • for 3 or less habitants, the floor area of the dwelling exceeds 60 m2 or for 4 or more habitants, 60 m2 plus 10 m2 per each additional habitant; or
  • the dwelling is, in part or entirely used for non-residential purposes or its use is transferred for another person; or
  • the tenant has rent arrears; or
  • the tenant has utility arrears regarding the maintenance expenses of the dwelling and does not cooperate with the debt management services of the municipality;
  • does not make use of subsidised rent.


The application for housing benefits shall be submitted to the Welfare Office (Népjóléti Iroda).
Procedural deadline: 8 days under summary procedure, 60 days under the regular procedure..

Required documents

  • application form
  • declaration of assets (included in the form)
  • rent sum certificate (rent sheet issued by the Assets Provision Service)
  • copies of the paid rent cheque slips as evidence of rent having been paid for the three month period preceding the submission of the application
  • in case of rent arrears, certification on the duration and sum thereof
  • certificates issued by utility companies concerning utility debts, if any (last month’s invoice notifications from the companies are acceptable)
  • Credible proofs of income:

    Regular sources of income:

  • for income received from the Hungarian Treasury, a public employer body, a government office, the municipality or a retirement provision institution: postal slips/bank account statement,
  • for income received from gainful activities as well as other regular income, an income statement issued by the employer or a payroll may be submitted.
  • Business gains:

  • documents issued by the accountant may be submitted concerning the monthly net incomes for a 12-month period preceding the submission of the application,
  • for children above 16 years of age, a certificate issued by the institution of education (secondary or university) on enrollment in full-time education, and for university students, a certificate issued by the institution of education on the amount of bursary.
  • Single parent, as well as spouses living apart:
  • declaration on the fact of being single (unmarried, widowed, divorced persons and persons living apart from their spouses qualify, on the condition of not having a partner),
  • proof of last month’s payment – ie. of the higher amount – of family benefits for a single-parent family (postal slips, bank account statement),
  • court judgment or child protection services decision on permanent or temporary custody; child protection services decision on the assignment of a custodian; child protection services minutes on the custody of the child and on exercising parental custody,
  • copy of the court judgment or order of approval to a settlement regarding child support, in the absence of which a joint statement of the parents and proof of last month’s child support payment (bank account statement, postal slip),
  • where child support is not received: copy of court action to determine child support, or proof regarding the application for judicial enforcement, or copy of the documents applying for advance payment thereof by the State.
  • Unemployed:
  • If the welfare applicant has no income, the certification issued by the public employment service regarding the applicant being recorded in the job seekers’ registry shall be attached to the application.
  • If an adult family member of the welfare applicant’s family has no income, the certification issued by the public employment service regarding the family member being recorded in the job seekers’ registry shall be attached to the application.

Payment information

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