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Public safety

Security Services

Hegyvidék Security Services (HEGYVIDÉKI RENDÉSZET)

In case of public regulations violations, parking violations, wheel clamping, and towed vehicles, contact the Hegyvidék Security Services. Security officers provide 24-hour patrol service and one of the patrol cars has a mobile surveillance camera and a defibrillator, so the vehicle also acts as a life-saving point.

Address: 1126 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy u. 47.
Phone number during office hours: +36 70 938 6286
24h phone number: +36 30 623 9973

Office hours:
Monday: 13.00-17.30
Wednesday: 08.00-16.00
Friday: 08.00-12.00

Read more about the Hegyvidék Security Services here.


The list of license plates of TOWED vehicles can be downloaded here.

Address of the premises: 1124 Bürök utca 77-87.

Documents required to reclaim towed vehicles: documents supporting property rights

Appointment for reclaiming: +36 30 623 9973 24-hour phone number


You can request the removal of a wheel clamp at +36 30 619 2143.