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The cityscape assessment is an authority opinion preceding the building permit proceedings. It is necessary to conduct cityscape assessment proceedings prior to the building permit proceedings if the construction works subject to building permit proceedings affect the façade.

The cityscape assessment may be utilised within the building permit proceedings.

Minerva Geographical Information System and building codes


The Mayor decides in the cityscape assessment on proposing, proposing subject to conditions or not proposing the proposed construction works from a cityscape point of view, based on the assessment of the Plan Committee.

Architectural-technical documentation prepared by the responsible and authorised designer architect, at permit-level detail, with the completed consultation application form may be submitted on the dates published on the website, on paper to the Personal Service Centre and digitally on the ÉTDR interface. The application is completed only when submitted in both forms. The architectural-technical documentation shall contain the plans sufficient for the assessment of the planned construction works.

The Zoning and Head Architect Office prepares the cityscape consultation and the plan committee hearing.
The Plan Committee consults and assesses on the plan on the plan committee sittings held on pre-published dates. The Designer and – via the Designer - the builder are invited without being required to be present. Minutes are drawn within 15 days of submission on the assessment that are sent via ÉTDR and, as required, by post to the address disclosed in the application, to the applicant.

In case of the Plan Committee being hindered, the Mayor shall base the opinion – as regulated in the relevant Local Government Decrees – on the expert opinion of the Head Architect.

Administrator: Ms Tölgyesi-Morvai Krisztina cityscape administrator Phone: 224-5900/ 5218, Zoning and Head Architect Office, Room 307.

Required documents

Architectural-technical plan documentation prepared by a designer architect, (site map, plan, facades, intersection drawings, draft design, streetscape as required, in case of a new building, draft inserted into an aerial photograph and architectural technical description, construction parameters and calculations as proof, device plans, photographic documentation, copyright declaration, detailed drafts) shall be submitted on paper, at the Personal Service Centre and on the ÉTDR interface.