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The "Park and Ride" transfer zone was created in 2018 with the intent toprovide preferential parking for Hegyvidék residents with a permanent address outside the district parking zone.

The "Park and Ride" transfer zone provides discounted parking within the waiting areas marked with the "P + U" sign between 8.00 and 18.00 each day. After 18.00, the normal parking fee for the area is payable until the end of the operating hours.


Registering a Hegyvidék account and personal identification of the individual is required for using the “Park and Ride" transfer zone.
  • Discounts can be claimed online only, after registration in the Municipality's e-administration system.
  • The keeper of the vehicle is the claimant.
  • The car has a valid registration certificate and does not have a BOLO on it.
  • The claimant’s place of residence in the 12th district is within the parking zone.
  • The claimant has no local tax debts or other debts towards the Municipality.
  • The claimant has no debts older than 30 days at a metropolitan parking company.
  • Tariffs can only be paid by credit card.

Required documents

Decree 30-2010_Főv.Kgy.R. (VI.4).
Municipal Decree 14-2010. (VI.28.)
Detailed guide to using the "Park and Ride" transfer zone
"Park and Ride" ZONE MAP

Payment information

  • The tariff is HUF 700 per occasion in the period from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • When registering your bank card, a one-time test charge of HUF 100 is made, which is refunded immediately by the system.
  • Where operating times last beyond 18.00 hours, the parking fee must be paid until the end of the operating times.