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At the request of the taxpayer, the tax authority issues a tax certificate stating that the applicant has no overdue taxes, fines, surcharges or public debts collectible in the form of taxes in our district.
You can request a tax certificate by filling out the downloadable form. Please indicate on the form the purpose and place of use and the number of copies requested.
A tax certificate can be issued e.g., to request a parking permit in another district, to apply for a loan, and for various applications.

administration process

  1. submit the application
  2. review of local tax liabilities
  3. the tax certificate is issued

Required documents

  • tax certificate application
  • power of attorney (if the request is submitted by a person other than the applicant in case of individuals, or a person other than the authorised representative of the company in case of legal entities)
  • for legal entities in addition to the above: a copy of the specimen signature and the extract from the company register
  • Tax certificate application
    Power of attorney

How to submit your application

1) By post: by mailing the completed and signed form (for individuals only)

2) Electronically: fill out and submit the completed electronic form by returning to the Administration menu (top left of the menu bar) and clicking on Start a new case / Taxation and then the case type.

For entities other than individuals, electronic administration requires Company Representation. Find out more under Company Representation at the following link:

Payment information

Free of charge