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Event permit


Permits for holding an event are registered and published on the website of the municipality at the same time when the permit is issued. When the data and documents prescribed by law have been submitted, an on-site inspection takes place with the participation of specialist authorities, and the notary decides on issuing a permit in line with the expert opinion or on rejecting the application. If a permit is granted, the event will be registered and a certificate will be issued. The venue of a regular event is inspected at least twice a year and measures are taken in view of the deficiencies and violations detected, and in more serious cases the permit is deleted from the register.

Registry containing the data prescribed by law – Permits for organising events

How to apply

  1. Submit a request to the Administrative Office (Hatósági Iroda)
  2. The permit to hold an event is issued or the application is rejected.
    Procedural deadline: 20 days

Required documents

  • download the form
  • information necessary for the identification of the building and area hosting the event, as well as information on its floor area and capacity
  • security plan
  • fire safety regulations
  • the architectural and technical documentation (in 2 copies) and the architect’s statement required by the building authority as an expert authority

change in data

  • Any change in the data – name, registered seat, statistical number, range of goods sold, etc. – must be reported promptly. (There is no form to report the change.)
  • The termination of the activity – the closure of the store – must be reported within eight days following the termination. (There is no form to report termination.)
  • Payment information

Free of charge and duties.