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Medical assistance is a contribution provided to disadvantaged person to reduce the costs of medicines and medical aids related to the maintenance and restoration of his/her health. Care may be regular, or ad hoc in the case of certain medical aids.

Subsidised medicines: Allowance can only be provided for medicines taken on a monthly basis that are directly related to the treatment of a diagnosed chronic disease, but from among vitamins only D3 and from among painkillers only certain groups of painkillers can be subsidised.

Subsidised medical devices: Only test strips and disposable syringe needles for diabetes, and diapers and pads for urinary and faecal incontinence can be subsidised.

Ad hoc medical subsidies include the purchase of glasses, hearing aids, orthopaedic shoes, and dental prostheses.

The monthly regular need for medication and medical aids is certified by the GP. Only a certificate not older than three months will be accepted for the assessment of the pharmaceutical subsidy. The reimbursement fee for the medicine(s) indicated in the GP’s certificate is determined on the basis of the prices given in the medicinal database published on the website of the National Health Insurance Fund, taking into account the price of the cheapest active ingredient. The amount of the reimbursement fee for the medical device(s) is determined on the basis of the gross reimbursement fees indicated in the Online Device List (SEJK) published by the National Health Insurance Fund.

No subsidy can be established if the applicant is entitled to subjective or normative public health care.


Please submit the completed application form at the Mayor's Office Welfare Office (Polgármesteri Hivatal Népjóléti Irodája) with the necessary attachments

Office hours at the Public Welfare Office: 1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 20. 2nd floor
Monday: 13:00 to 17:30
Tuesday: no customer service
Wednesday: 08:00 to 16:00
Thursday: no customer service
Friday: 08:00 to 12:00

Required documents

  • Application form
  • The application form can also be picked up at the Public Welfare Office during office hours. Please attach the following documents to your application:

  • certificates verifying the income of the person or family applying for the allowance,
  • in the case of a first-time application: a final rejection or an official statement that the applicant is not entitled to subject-based or normative-based public health care
  • a certificate from your GP about medicines you take regularly or aids you use regularly
  • in the case of an ad hoc aid, a certificate from a specialist

Payment information

Free of charge.