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The Hegyvidék Local Council provides a so-called “courier remote control” for the visually impaired living in the district device to assist in self-sufficient transportation.

The device amplifies the sound of traffic lights at properly equipped pedestrian crossings. The device reads the labels on the COURIER displays with loudspeakers at the touch of a button, and also indicates escalators currently in operation in the M4 metro line by sound.

The device can be requested by permanent residents in the 12th district with at least 67% of visual impairment who can provide proof of their visual impairment (medical expert opinion, pictorial identity card certifying membership in any member organization of the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Hungary, decision on annuity to the blind).

Please submit your application for a remote control to the Public Welfare Office of the Mayor's Office. The application form can be downloaded here or picked up at the Public Welfare Office and the Customer Service (1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 23-25.).

For further details, please contact or call 06 70 938 8949.