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When the data and documents specified by the law are submitted, the notary registers the intended commercial activity.
Commercial registry of activities subject to notification and authorisation

How to apply

  1. 1. Submit a notification to the Administrative Office (Hatósági Iroda)
  2. Decision on registration

  3. Procedural deadline: 15 days

Required documents

  • download the form• a document certifying the title to the use of the property (in copy),
  • proof of the beneficiary's consent (if applicable),
  • in case of a jointly owned real estate, a document certifying the co-owners’ consent (if applicable)

Payment information

Free of charge and duties.

change of data, change of opening hours, termination of activity

  • Any change in the data – name, registered seat, statistical number, range of goods sold, etc. – must be reported promptly. (There is no form to report the change.)
  • Changes in opening hours must be reported within eight days prior to the change. Download the form
  • The termination of the activity – the closure of the store – must be reported within eight days following the termination. Download the form