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The purpose of the supplementary housing subsidy is to support municipal tenants who find it difficult to pay rent even with other subsidies.

Conditions for entitlement to the supplementary housing subsidy:

The tenant is entitled to supplementary housing subsidy if he/she and co-habiting family members:

  • have a monthly net income per capita of less than HUF 71,250 Ft;
  • the total market value of their real estate or movable property or securities with property value is less than HUF 5,700,000, and
  • they do not own, rent or benefit from other real estate.
  • Even if the above conditions are met, the tenant is not entitled to supplementary housing subsidy if:

  • the tenant has overdue rent older than six months or exceeding HUF 50,000, or a debt to the public utility service provider arising in connection with the lease, and does not co-operate with the debt management service of the Local Council;
  • pays market-based rent.

For the purpose of determining the allowance, the tenant's spouse, child, the child or parent of the adopted child, as well as other persons admitted to the apartment with the consent of the landlord may be taken into account as cohabiting family members.


Please submit the completed application form to the Mayor's Office Welfare Office (Polgármesteri Hivatal Népjóléti Irodája).

Office hours at the Public Welfare Office: 1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 20. 2nd floor
Monday: 13:00 to 17:30
Tuesday: no customer service
Wednesday: 08:00 to 16:00
Thursday: no customer service
Friday: 08:00 to 12:00

Required documents

The application form can also be picked up at the Public Welfare Office during office hours. Please attach the following documents to your application:
  • certificates showing the income of the person or family applying for the allowance;
  • proof of the amount of the rent stipulated (a rent notice issued by the Economic Supply Service (Gazdasági Ellátó Szolgálat))
  • a copy of checks proving rent has been paid in the last three months prior to the application
  • in case of overdue rent, proof of its duration and amount
  • certificates from the public utility service providers on public service debts or the lack thereof (the last monthly account statement sent by the service providers is acceptable)

Payment information

Free of charge.