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Expert consultation can be initiated in all cases concerning cityscape requirements and provisions of the district building code. Written minutes are drawn in every case containing the jest of the suggestions and the substantial statements of the head architect. The minutes shall be considered during the proceedings regarding cityscape commenting, declarations and obligations. The minutes of the expert consultation shall be attached to the mise-en-service documentation.

At least one instance of expert consultation shall be arranged for in the following cases:

  • construction a new electronic telecommunications installation,
  • construction any new buildings or installations (with the exception of passenger stops), reconstruction, extension or renovation of existing buildings (with the exception of buildings under local heritage protection or preliminary protection), if such works do not require a building permit,
  • construction of a new advertisement installation,
  • any changes or demolition works affecting a building recorded in the preliminary protection register,
  • installing street furniture on public spaces.


Expert consultation can be initiated by submitting the appropriate form, completed, at the Personal Service Centre, on paper. Simultaneously, the digital plan documentation shall be submitted to the Zoning and Head Architect Office, concerning the subject of the consultation. The consultation shall be scheduled within 8 days of receiving the application.

Administrator: Ms Tölgyesi-Morvai Krisztina
plan committee secretary, 06-1-224-5900 / 5218, Zoning and Head Architect Office, Room 307.

Required documents

The petition shall be submitted on paper, with the documentation appropriate to the subject attached (ie. concerning cityscape regulations, planning details that are sufficient to assess the cityscape effects of the construction).