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The municipal tax authority issues tax and valuation certificates for real estate located within its jurisdiction. Tax and valuation certificates contain (certify) the market worth determined for the given property based on its characteristics. Tax and valuation certificates are issued under a separate legal regulation at the request of the client or an authority (in processes concerning probate, social services, or enforcement). A tax and valuation certificate can be requested by filling out the application form you can download below.

How to apply

  1. the request or inquiry is received
  2. site inspection, if required
  3. valuation
  4. the tax and valuation certificate is issued

Required documents

How to submit your application

1) By post: by mailing the completed and signed form (for individuals only)

2) Electronically: attach the completed form by returning to the Administration menu (top left of the menu bar) and clicking on Start a new case / Official inquiry / Services / Business and Taxation.

Payment information

Tax and valuation certificates issued for processes concerning probates and social services or related to enforcement proceedings are free of charge.

Otherwise, tax and valuation certificates are subject to a fee. A fee of HUF 4,000 is payable to bank account number 12001008-00113696-00100001.