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Road surface demolition and the placement of a structure or other facility on the road, as well as occupying the road for other non-traffic purposes is subject to the consent of the owner of the road. Consent will be granted if specific conditions are met.


Please submit a completed application form for consent on starting a project together with the necessary documents to the Customer Service. Consent is given by the Urban Development Office within 21 days.

Required documents

Under Decree 8/2010. (II.26.) of the Budapest 12th District Local Council
  • construction plan, but at least the technical documentation presenting the works in detail (site plan, cross-section, technical description)
  • road operator’s consent (for activities subject to the operator’s consent)
  • in the case of road traffic, a traffic regulation plan for the period of construction with the consent of the traffic technology operator not older than 6 months
  • a statement by the designer or contractor that the construction plan has been agreed with all relevant utility and utility-type network operators and that the solution complies with the outcome of the consultation, legal and other requirements; or a declaration, signed and stamped by the public utilities involved in the work, stating that they have no comments on the contents of the plan
  • proof that you have liability insurance to compensate for damage caused during work
  • in case of work subject to a building permit or construction consent, a building permit or construction consent
  • if the road surface may be affected, a completed data sheet for the non-traffic use of the road
  • Form for the non-traffic use of a road
  • if the roadway may be affected, a site plan showing the use of the road, if it cannot be read from the traffic control plan under construction
  • a statement from the public transport operator on the route of public transport services
  • for roads with public transport, a statement from the road operator
  • a statement on the protection of green areas and rows of trees concerned and a statement from the manager of the green area and trees

Payment information

If the surface of a road maintained by the Municipality is demolished, the non-traffic use fee of the road is HUF 100/day/m2 + VAT net in the parking zone, and HUF 60 /day/m2 + VAT in the non-parking zone.