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If the tenant agrees to the conditions specified in the decree, the premises may be sublet with the consent of the landlord. The sublease may not exceed three years and, in the case of a fixed-term contract, may not extend beyond the duration of the tenant's contract.

Additional conditions for consent:

The tenant shall pay twice the rent during the term of the sublease agreement, unless they are a government unit maintained by the local government or a company owned exclusively by the local government.

The tenant must undertake to have the sublessee vacate their part of the premises if the sublease or the tenancy contract is terminated for any reason, without any demand for accommodation. The tenant must declare that he/she has no claim for accommodation against the landlord.

The landlord shall stipulate in the consent that the sublessee should perform the same or complementary activities in the premises as the tenant.


Please submit your application in writing. The response to the request – a letter of consent or rejection – will be sent to you by mail.