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Its purpose is to certify the fact that the child, on the grounds of social circumstances, is eligible for the normative benefits of meals, subsistence as well as other benefits, as defined under the Child Protection Act.

Eligibility of a child is subject to the family not exceeding a monthly income per capita of 38,475 HUF. The income threshold is 41,325 HUF for single parent or single custodian families, for children living with chronic disease or severe disability, as well as for adult descendants enrolled in full-time educations and under 23 years of age, or enrolled in a full-time tertiary education programmes and under 25 years of age.

In addition, the family must not be in possession of assets as set forth in the Child Protection Act.


The completed form with the required instruments shall be submitted to the Welfare Office (Népjóléti Iroda).
Hours of operation of the Welfare Office: 1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 20., floor 2

Monday: 13:00-17:30
Tuesday: closed to the public
Wednesday: 8:00-16:00
Thursday: closed to the public
Friday: 8:00-12:00

Required documents

The application form is available at the Welfare Office during hours of operation. Instruments certifying the income of the applying family shall be attached to the application.

Payment information

No duties charged.