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Designation for protection on the local (district) level and its elimination may occur ex officio or upon the initiative of local civil organizations or citizens submitted to the Mayor’s Office of the Local Government.

Heritage not protected under national singular monument protection may receive local (district) protection upon the decision (local decree) of the council. Local (district) protection may cover a contiguous zone of the district (protected local area) or singular buildings, parts thereof, the connecting plot, statues, works of art, street furniture (local singular protection).

Minerva Geographical Information System and building codes

Local protection records

Local singular protection records (Annex to Local Government Decree 42/2017. (XI.17.))

Preliiminary protection records

administration process

Local civil organisations and citizens may submit motions to award or eliminate designation for local protection in writing.

The council makes its decision in the form of a local government decree.

Administrator: Ms Katalin Eleven cityscape administrator
Phone: 224-5900/ 5309
Zoning and Head Architect Office, Room 307.

Required documents

Motion in writing containing the address, land register reference and the short grounds for designation for local protection or the elimination thereof. Any documents at hand supporting the protection are requested to be attached.

Payment information

No duties charged.