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Budget is depleted, applications are closed.

Applications for the Hegyvidék Green Office’s free branch chipping project for the public open on 16th September 2019. The selected undertaker will, on behalf of the Hegyvidék Green Office, perform on-site branch and twig chipping services in connection to gardening jobs. The mulch is to remain at the site, so that it is available for use. It helps to keep the soil moist, prevents the growth of weeds, serves as nutrients while decomposing and turns to humus in around 6 months.

Preparing branches and twigs:

  • Freshly-cut (no more than a year ago), cleaned twigs and branches with a diameter of no more than 20 cm can be collected,
  • twigs and branches shall be sorted with the thicker end pointing to the same direction,
  • any further lengthwise cutting is unnecessary (larger pieces are easier to handle and fed into the machine),
  • sorted branches and twigs do not need to be tied together,
  • sorted branches and twigs shall be transferred to the undertaker at the pre-arranged time (no deposition to public spaces),
  • the mulch shall be taken in to the private plot from public space without undue delay if the chipping was performed outside the area of the private plot.

The undertaker may refuse chipping of wrongly prepared stacks – ie. those not sorted to point to the same direction, deposited to an unreachable location or exceeding 10 m3!

The Green Office provides the service in the order of applications until the available budget is depleted.

Registration is open until 31st October 2019..


Prior registration is required for the online proceedings. After logging in (or registering), please complete the application form. The ‘Notes’ field may be used to suggest a date (time of day, hour) that shall be taken into account if possible. You will receive an e-mail notification if the application is accepted. The notification will contain a phone contact to provide information on the expected time of the services.
You will be notified 3 days prior to the expected time (hour) of the chipping in an e-mail reminder sent by Ms. Eleőd-Faludy Gabriella.
Withdrawal of the application:
The application may withdraw a submitted application via the ‘Hegyvidék account/Current proceedings’ (Hegyvidék Fiók/Folyamatban lévő ügyek) menu no later than 3 days before the selected day. Applications are automatically closed after. A successful withdrawal results in the message ‘Status: application withdrawn’ (Ügy státusza: Ügy visszavonva) displayed.

Payment information

The service is provided free for inhabitants of 12th District subject to the following conditions:

  • prior registration is required,
  • one registration may be submitted per address,
  • no more than 10 m3 green waste may be processed per registered address.