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Self-defence courses

Hegyvidék Online Self-Defence Programme

As a result of a comprehensive research in the district, the Local Council of Hegyvidék launched a multi-stage community campaign in the autumn of 2016 with the objective to educate children about conscious media consumption, to raise awareness about the dangers of the digital world, and to offer practical solutions to parents, children and teachers for preventing and handling related issues.

Apart from discussing potential sources of danger to young people, it is important to provide comprehensive information and knowledge about conscious media use, on how to use the Internet and for what purposes, and the downsides we need to be aware of.

The Hegyvidék Online Self-Defence Programme contains three important elements: training for teachers, information for parents, and peer mentor training.

The 60-hour accredited teacher training takes is organised by MédiaSmart Hungary Kft, which has extensive experience in the field and a staff of experts. The course is funded by the Local Council of Hegyvidék and helps teachers gain an understanding of various approaches on the influence of the media, in particular the Internet, on children, and provide teachers with practical, tangible skills and tools. The teachers of Hegyvidék can attend classes held by, among others, a psychologist, a movie director, the head of Google Hungary, a generation research expert, a family law specialist, an internet security expert, a writer, a school psychologist, a drama teacher, and a communications expert.

For the parents we are organising an Academy for Parents with interactive roundtable discussions with experts of the field and digital training for those interested.

The third crucial aspect of the programme is peer mentoring within the teenage group. We believe that young people are more receptive to advice, suggestions, or warnings from those closer to them in age than from their parents or educators. All three secondary schools in the district participate in the programme where students in 10th grade receive practical training, providing them with facts and experience they visit primary schools and give lectures and hold discussions with the young ones.