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The municipality held a special epidemiological consultation

For the first time in the history of the Hegyvidék Municipality, it held an online consultation with the full representative body. During the special meeting, mainly related to the local management of the epidemic situation, Mayor Zoltán Pokorni and the employees of the local government reported to the members of the representative body about the district measures, tests and activities of the Help Center related to the coronavirus epidemic.

In a particularly constructive briefing, MEPs praised the work done in recent months and the municipal staff who are constantly involved in the fight against the epidemic. The Hegyvidék Municipality started regular testing as early as April. It has been screening the district’s health workers and staff at educational institutions for coronavirus since then. The testing also included nurses, nurses visiting newborns, and nurses caring for patients who are not able to leave their homes. So, since the outbreak, everyone who is in daily contact with the elderly, patients, or children in the course of their work has been part of the testing program.

From the beginning of the testing, the Hegyvidék Municipality performed almost 6,000 tests, of which 109 people tested positive by the beginning of December. Almost as the only one place in the capital, in Hegyvidék, no educator has refused state testing. As a defence against the coronavirus, the testing is currently still ongoing and will continue for as long as the epidemic situation justifies it. Soon we will also be able to receive the tests given to the district from the Metropolitan Municipality.

The representatives of the Democratic Coalition, István Vágó and Norbert Élő, although they considered it necessary to know the exact statistical data of the hospitals in the district, emphasized that the epidemiological data concerning the district, the number of tests and the results were exemplarily documented by the municipality. Mária Hajdú, the politician of the LMP party, drew attention to the continuation of the long-functioning condominium tenders, despite the tight budget situation. As a positive, she emphasized that the municipality paid special attention to the Christmas support for families in difficult situations due to the epidemic. Another person attending the meeting was Gábor Vadász, who previously applyied as a helping volunteer, as the new representative of Momentum, replacing Miklós Hajnal, and who had his first joint meeting with the members of the representative body. To the surprise of many, Gergely Kovács, the president of the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party, who has often criticized the work of the local government in recent months, did not appear at the consultation, nor did he indicated his absence in advance.