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Programmes - MOMkult

Dance of elements. The Urban Verbunk Band, which is touring the world, will perform on April 7 at 7 pm in the theatre hall of MOMkult (18. Csörsz St.). Performers make their extraordinary dance production spectacular with a more than 2,500 liter water-filled pool, flaming floors, sparkling drumsticks, and a 40 square meter trampoline mat.


A hundred years of love. The Group'N'Swing Orchestra performs popular Hungarian love hits of the past hundred years in a two-act musical performance at MOMkult (18. Csörsz St.) on April 10 from 7 pm. The musical eras are brought to life by the most well-known Hungarian dance songs, from waltzing, tango, swing, rock and roll, diszko to pop, rock and funky.


Masters of virtuosity. Formed in 2007, virDUOso members, guitarist Vihula Mihajlo and blockflöte artist Dániel Szurasenkó perform 17th-18th century melodies in modern arrangements. On April 12, from 7 pm, the duo will perform the virtuoso works of the outstanding masters in the dome room of MOMkult (18. Csörsz St.)