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Programmes - MOMkult

Folk dance performance. On February 19 from 6 pm, children, youngsters and adults attending the Újbuda Babszem Dance Ensemble will present their program at MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Hungarian hits differently. One of Hungary's most popular jazz bands, the Balázs Elemér Group, will perform a new production at MOMkult on February 20 from 7 pm (XII., 18 Csörsz St.): they will play evergreen Hungarian hits with the participation of singer Andrea Szulák.

Folk music adventure. István Pál's Bacon and his Band will select from the inexhaustible treasury of folk music of the Carpathian Basin in the program related to the Cziffra Festival on February 24 from 7.30 pm in MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Bar night. The music world of the old cafés, bars and locales will be revived by the Hot Jazz Band, Lajos Sárközy and his band, as well as singer Andrea Malek during the Cziffra Festival on February 25 at 7.30 pm in MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Fado songs. Cristina Branco, a singer who has discovered and reinterpreted traditional Portuguese music and fado, will perform on the stage of MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.) on February 28 from 8 p.m.