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Programmes - MOMkult

Csango Hungarian dance house. On February 11, the Zurgó ensemble will hold the next Moldavian Csango Hungarian dance house in the dome hall of MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.). It is planned to have dance lessons from 8 pm, a dance house from 9 pm, a song lesson, a joint singing and fairy tale from 10 pm, and a dance house again from 10.30 pm to 30.30 am.

Children's carnival concert. Vilmos Gryllus, the children's favorite, will give two concerts in a row on February 13 from 9.30 and 11.30 in the theater hall of MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.). In his humorous songs, this time, the figures of the “mask ball” come to life, in keeping with the occasion.