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A LETTER from Mayor ZOLTÁN POKORNI TO the residents of hegyvidék

Dear Hegyvidék Residents,

It is our common responsibility to protect our parents and grandparents from the imminent danger of the novel coronavirus.

Many of them find it difficult, if not impossible, to ask for help. Therefore, I ask the people in the district to pay attention to their elderly peers and relatives. There are more than seven thousand residents over 70 in Hegyvidék, most of them living alone.

In all likelihood, the elderly will have to stay at home for weeks or even months. In this situation we, working-age people, must take the first step. Please seek out and call your elderly relatives and friends, initiate contact with your elderly neighbours, and offer your help. By purchasing basic food items and medicine, we can greatly reduce the risk of serious infections to those in the most vulnerable age group.

Our primary task today is to prevent and reduce the spread of the epidemic, and these and similar actions can be extremely important in saving lives.

We all find it difficult to give up some of our independence, but in these extraordinary times I am asking the senior citizens of Hegyvidék to set aside their pride, stay at home and accept a helping hand. If you have no acquaintances or family members living nearby, please contact or call +36 30 644 6278 or +36 30 630 9725 between 8am and 4pm.

Take care of each other!

Zoltán Pokorni