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Dear Citizens of Hegyvidék!

We would like to inform you that FKF Nonprofit Zrt Budapest XII. district will carry out the usual annual public house-clearance between 18 and 22 May this year (removal between 19-23 May).

Within the district, the removal of litter takes place at different times in individual areas. FKF Nonprofit Zrt. will send an information leaflet to the residents of the district about the dates, conditions and methods of the management.

It is important to know that FKF Nonprofit Zrt only transports the large size household waste on the day after the specied date (furniture, household appliances, crates, etc.).

You can also see the house-clearance dates by area on this map:,18.978584350000016&z=13

The disposable items can only be placed from 6 pm on the day officially announced by FKF Nonprofit Zrt!

During house-clearance, it is forbidden to dispose of everyday household waste, selectively collectable waste, construction debris, coal dust, earth, car wreckage, tires, hazardous waste, electronic and electrical waste, and green waste.

ATTENTION! Hazardous waste is not transported by FKF, nor is it collected at temporary collection points, therefore it can only be disposed of in the public waste yards in the manner specified in the FKF notice! Hazardous waste can be delivered to the landfills during the opening hours all year round (details can be found here: ). In order to alleviate the problem, the Hegyvidék Municipality is organizing the collection of hazardous waste under its own authority (expected in June), on which information will be available in the local press and on the municipality's website.

It is to be further known that by placing them on the street, the items will become the property of the National Waste Management Coordination and Asset Management Ltd. (NHKV Zrt.), thus, the person who takes them away commits an offense against the property or a criminal offense. The authority may check the observance of the date and place of the house-clearing disposal, as well as the types of material placed, and may penalize the illegal disposal, which qualifies as a violation of public space pollution, and its fine may be up to HUF 150,000. The authorities (public area inspectorate, district clerk) have the right to take action against the perpetrators.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the number of crimes (thefts, break-ins, burglaries, etc.) may increase during the disposal period, so we ask our citizens to pay more attention to the security of their values, apartments and houses. Thus, it is particularly important that the disposable items are really only placed outside after 6 pm on the day before it is removed, so that they will be in the public areas for as a short time as possible. (In case you see or detect a crime, call the emergency number 112, and in case of illegal reservation of public space, call the staff of the Hegyvidék Police on the landline telephone number (06 1) 225-0147 or on the mobile phone number that can be called around the clock: +36 30 623 9973.)

If road renovation or other traffic obstruction works are carried out on the section affecting the house-clearance disposal, the items shall be placed in the nearest place suitable for road transport and accessible to the disposal vehicle.

Please note that after the removal of the disposed items, the person disposing the items must clean the area which was used for placing them outside.

Protect our environment, our safety, only dispose of the rubbish on the designated day!

Thank you for your cooperation!