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A historic playground was built

The playground on Hollósy Simon Street, which was completely renewed, was enriched with play equipment reminiscent of one of the most successful periods in Hungarian history, the 19th century reform era. The steam locomotive train, commissioned in 1874 on the line of the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle Tunnel, the Kisfaludy steamboat and the mountain cogwheel railway, was also installed on the square, in the form of unique toys. The playground, designed for 2-10 year olds, also features a traditional and a nest swing, two spring-loaded horses, a large sandbox and a rubber-covered small bike track. For the safety of the children, the possibility of passage through the area was eliminated, but the ping-pong table and camel statue remained. At the request of the families, a drinking fountain and toilet were built, the public lighting was renewed, and grassy areas suitable for picnics were also built.