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Help for those fleeing the war in Ukraine

The Hegyvidék Municipality, led by Deputy Mayor Krisztina Fonti, established the Hegyvidék Refugee Assistance Group, which coordinates donations in cooperation with charities, churches and relevant government agencies. Some of the donations go to refugees arriving in our district, and the other part goes to people living near the border and in settlements beyond the border. Financial support can be sent to a separate account of the municipality: 12001008-00155297-01000002. Anyone who can offer accommodation or are looking for accommodation for refugees can apply at this e-mail address: About the location and methods of the fundraiser, the staff of the municipality can call the by e-mail address, on the toll-free number 06-80/630-102, and every day from 8 to 18 hours at 06-30/644-6278, 06-30/630-9749 and 06-30/ For information, please call 630-9673.