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Further exceptional measures of the local GOVERNMENT

In view of the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic, and in light of the measures brought by the government, Mayor Zoltán Pokorni is announcing further emergency measures on behalf of the Hegyvidék Local Council:


  • Our elderly peers are most at risk from the coronavirus. There are seven thousand residents over 70 in the 12th district, nearly half of whom live alone. We strongly encourage them to stay at home!
  • Many of our elderly peers find it difficult to ask for help. This is why we ask their family members and immediate neighbours to seek out ways of efficient assistance and to offer help to elderly residents.
  • We ask all elderly residents with no acquaintances or family members living nearby to please contact or call +36 30 644 6278 or +36 30 630 9725 between 8am and 4pm.
  • All employees of the Hegyvidék Local Council over the age of 60 have been given leave.




  • A transition to fully electronic office administration is underway. In-person administration has already been suspended in all matters that can be managed electronically via the website of the local government (e.g., taxes, parking, catering for children).
  • In view of the epidemiological situation, the Mayor's Office will be closed on Wednesday, 18th March to facilitate the transition.



  • As of 17th March, all cultural and sports institutions operated by the local government will be closed, and all scheduled lectures and sporting events will be cancelled.
  • All programs booked at institutions operated by the local government are cancelled.
  • All scheduled public forums are cancelled.
  • Weddings already organized will be held in local government institutions, with only direct relatives and witnesses attending (up to 10 people in total).
  • In agreement with the government, we are asking district residents to postpone all gatherings other than urgent family events due to the novel coronavirus outbreak and, if possible, to stay at home.




  • Playgrounds in the district will be closed and are not to be entered. Playgrounds with no lockable gates will be cordoned off.
  • The organic market in the MOM Cultural Centre courtyard will remain open as an open-air food outlet, but we ask the organizers to reduce the number of people in the area at any one time by counting and through other restrictions.
  • The annual municipal clean-up is postponed. The new date, which is expected to be in the fall, will be announced later.
  • Playgrounds at Normafa are not to be entered! Those choosing to take a walk despite the grave epidemic situation are asked to use the forest and the promenade by keeping a reasonable distance from each other.



  • The Hegyvidék Magazine is published weekly with the most important epidemiological information during the emergency. The first such issue will be available on 20th March.
  • The local government has set up a private Facebook group called Hegyvidéki Segítő Csoport (Hegyvidék support Group), open to anyone requiring help, advice, or just to feel less alone in a time of crisis. The group’s objectives are to maintain the community even in this difficult situation, to allow members to offer or ask for help, to discuss existing best practices, and to post about problems you may have.