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Fundraising for the Anna-meadow Chapel

For eighty years now, civil communities and church representatives have been calling for the construction of the "Chapel of Atonement of the Virgin Mary, Queen of the World" in Anna-meadow. A few years ago, the Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest and the Municipality of the Hegyvidék announced a joint tender for the construction of a new mass place. According to the chosen plan, a small chapel could be realized, which would be able to hold larger outdoor Masses by opening it to the meadow. Donations are needed for the construction of the chapel; believers can send their donations to the bank account No. 12001008-00155297-05200008 (IBAN: HU29 1200 1008 0015 5297 0520 0008) of the Hegyvidék Municipality of the Budapest Capital XII district.