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Exhibitions in the Hegyvidék

In connection with the Cziffra György Festival, the new exhibition of the Hegyvidék Gallery (10 Királyhágó sqr.) opened a few days ago and can be visited until June 3rd. Here you can see well-known and lesser-known music-themed works from the Antal- Lusztig private collection by Imre Ámos, Anna Margit, Endre Bálint, Béla Kondor, Dezső Korniss, László Lakner, Ödön Márffy, István Nádler, Tóth Menyhért, Lajos Vajda and Tibor Vilt. The joint exhibition Paint and Stone by painter Attila Adorján and sculptor András Kontur is open until May 17 at Barabás Villa (Városmajor utca 44). The works of visual artists Pál Laukó, Árpád Németh, Géza Németh, Szabolcs Ráskai and Valéria Vörös can be viewed until May 30 in the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (2 Törpe St.), and the works of photographer, painter and graphic artist Kálmán Kecskeméti will be on display in the Gallery until June 10-12 (14 Hajnóczy József St.).