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Different provisions for foreign nationals regarding registration for coronavirus vaccination and immunity certificate

Registration for vaccination

From 4 May 2021, it is also possible for persons without a Social Security Identification Mark (hereinafter: TAJ number) to register for vaccination on the vaccination registration interface. (

During registration, non-Hungarian citizens without a TAJ number must provide:

  • the personal number on the address card or, failing that, the number of their residence permit,
  • the number of their identity card or, failing that, their passport number. If the non-Hungarian citizen does not have a passport or identity card, the passport number section of the immunity certificate contains the number of the person's residence permit, and in this case the immunity certificate is valid upon presentation of the residence permit.

Immunity certificate

From 13 May 2021, Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens without a TAJ number are entitled to an immunity certificate due to vaccination or infection:

  • An immunity certificate due to infection is issued upon request. The request must be accompanied by the results of an examination performed by a health care provider operating in Hungary confirming the presence of the anti-coronavirus antibody in the body of the person concerned and the evaluation of said examination.
  • In order to issue an immunity certificate due to vaccination, the health care provider sends the data necessary for the issuance of the protection certificate ex officio to the competent government office in case of vaccinations performed in Hungary.

If requested by the data subject, the immunity certificate shall be served by personal handover through the foreign representation.

An application to certify immunity against the coronavirus is not provided for persons without a TAJ number.