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A census began

On October 1, a census covering the entire population and all dwellings began in Hungary, in which participation is mandatory for everyone. The Central Statistical Office sent a postal invitation letter to all addresses in Hungary, in the last days of September. It also contains a 12-digit access code, with the help of which you can fill out the census questionnaires online independently on the website, between October 1 and 16. Those households that do not use the online filling option by October 16, they will be visited by enumerators between October 17 and November 20. Each household must fill out an apartment questionnaire and as many personal questionnaires as there are people living in the apartment. Foreign citizens must also fill out the questionnaire if they have been in Hungary for at least three months, and the owner must also declare the apartment even if it is vacant. The electronic questionnaire of the census is available in Hungarian and English, but at the same time, the questionnaire is available in eighteen additional languages ​​as a filling aid on the census website.