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Art days on the occasion of the World Day of the Elderly in the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon

An exhibition may be seen from the works of old people in the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (XII., Törpe utca 2) from October 5 until November 4. The program of the Con Fuoco Clarinet Quartet titled “Hangok szárnyán a Föld körül” [On the wings of voices around the world]. may be heard on October 7 from 16.00 hours. We may join on October 8, at 13.30 hours, the contemporary creative group of Dr. Éva Schmidt (Piroska) art teacher, painter, and Eddi Schmidt; and starting with 18.30 hours the music performance of Sanzon+ presenting the relationship of French chanson and Hungarian literature awaits those interested. Entry is free, but it is tied to registration.