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Actual news from Hegyvidék

Help for those fleeing the war in Ukraine. The Municipality, led by Deputy Mayor Krisztina Fonti, established the Mountain Refugee Assistance Group, which coordinates donations in cooperation with charities, churches and relevant government agencies. Some of the donations go to refugees arriving in our district, and the other part goes to people living near the border and in settlements beyond the border. Financial support can be sent to a separate account of the municipality: 12001008-00155297-01000002. Anyone who can offer accommodation or are looking for accommodation for refugees can apply at this e-mail address: About the location and methods of the fundraiser, the staff of the municipality can call the by e-mail address, on the toll-free number 06-80/630-102, and every day from 8 to 18 hours at 06-30/644-6278, 06-30/630-9749 and 06-30/ For information, please call 630-9673.

Cogwheel does not run. Due to track maintenance, the cogwheel will not run until April 29th. You can get to Svábhegy by buses 21, 21A and 212, while you can travel between Svábhegy and Széchenyi hill by the replacement bus 60. The area between ​​the Orgonás and Tamás Esze school stops can be reached by the replacement buses 60A and 60B, departing from Szent János Hospital, which should be indicated on or on the telephone number 06-1/3-255-255.

The Money Museum has opened. The Hungarian National Bank has also created a unique exhibition hall for monetary history and financial education in Europe in the renovated building of the former Post Palace, at Széll Kálmán square. The new museum can be visited free of charge, but registration is required on the website

The garage fair continues. The Hegyvidék Unloader will be relaunched, the first fair of this year will take place on March 27 from 10 am to 2 pm in the square in front of the mayor's office. Compared to the previous ones, the hegyvidék people will be able to sell their things, which they no longer need but others can still find them useful and valuable - on 2-times bigger place, on forty tables in total.

Movies in English. In CinemaMOM (53 Alkotás St.) crime thriller Death on the Nile, based on the novel of the same title by Agatha Christie, and the superhero film Batman can also be seen in English (with Hungarian subtitle). An opera film, Verdi’s Rigoletto, will be shown from the Royal Opera House in London from 3pm on 3 April.

Jazz Consort. The emotional, mainstream jazz quartet of Miklós Faragó (guitar), Zsolt Madai (drums), Viktor Hárs (bass) and Gábor Cselik (keyboard) will play on March 25 at 7 pm at the Jókai Club (5 Hollós Rd). Entrance is free.

Dr. Jazz Duo. Pianist Gábor Tóth and Balázs Bágyi will play together at the Hegyvidéki Cultural Salon (Törpe utca 2.) on March 26 at 6 pm.

Santa Diver. The line-up of Luca Kézdy (violin), Dávid Szesztay (bass guitar) and Dávid Szegő (drums) guides those interested into a special world of music at the intersection of jazz, world music and free music on April 2 at 7 pm in the dome hall of MOMkult (18 Csörsz St.).

Argentine tango. Renewing the tango-chanson genre, Daniel Melingo will be a guest of MOMkult (18 Csörsz St.) on April 3 from 8 p.m. The deep, ore-voiced singer is accompanied by a violin, accordion, guitar and bass at his concert.