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Actual news from Hegyvidék

The garage fair goes on. In the spring, the Hegyvidék Unloader will restart in the square in front of the mayor's office. The first fair this year will be on March 27, for which you can register as a vendor from March 1 on the website Twice as many as before, a total of forty tables and eighty seats will await the vendors, who can register at a discount no longer with just a permanent 12th district address, but with a local residence address too.

Renewing rows of trees. In the middle of February, FŐKERT Nonprofit Zrt. will start the renewal of the alley in Böszörményi Rd., in the framework of which tree crowns will be pruned and rejuvenated, and about thirty acacia trees will be cut down by the gardeners. From the end of January to the end of March they will also work at the borders of the district II. and XII. on Szilágyi Erzsébet alley: almost 250 trees are pruned, almost 110 are cut back to a significant extent, and sixteen are removed for security reasons. Each felled tree will be replaced with a new plant within a year.

Forest management work. Near the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. will carry out forest management in the total area of ​​nearly twenty hectares between Csillebérc and Makkosmária and Nagyszénászug, until the end of March.
During the work, professionals will help locally grow young saplings to regenerate the forest, as well as pruning or removing endangered plants along the roads. For your own safety, avoid work areas marked with a sign or tape in the forests!

Hiking tour. A trip to the Visegrád Mountains organized within the framework of the municipality's Active Hegyvidék program will start on 19 February. Meeting at 7.45 at the HÉV ticket office in Batthyányi Square. The HÉV will leave for Szentendre at 7.58, from where the team will travel by bus to the Mountain top. The distance of the tour is 12 kilometers, return around 4 pm.

Movies in English. The romantic comedy Marry Me by Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, the action-adventure film Uncharted, which shows the origins of the video games of the same title, and latest Batman movie screened from March 3, will be available in English at CinemaMOM (XII., 53 Alkotás St.). An opera film, Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, will be shown from the Royal Opera House of London on 27 February from 3 pm.

Folk dance performance. On February 19 from 6 pm, children, youngsters and adults attending the Újbuda Babszem Dance Ensemble will present their program at MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Hungarian hits differently. One of Hungary's most popular jazz bands, the Balázs Elemér Group, will perform a new production at MOMkult on February 20 from 7 pm (XII., 18 Csörsz St.): they will play evergreen Hungarian hits with the participation of singer Andrea Szulák.

Roma world music. Romano Drom, which has been a regular player in the world music scene since its founding in 1998, will perform their art at Villa Barabás (XII., 44 Városmajor St.) on the 22nd of February. Under the program "Thank you, Hungary!" the concert is free, but registration is required at

Folk music adventure. István Pál's Bacon and his Band will select from the inexhaustible treasury of folk music of the Carpathian Basin in the program related to the Cziffra Festival on February 24 from 7.30 pm in MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Bar night. The music world of the old cafés, bars and locales will be revived by the Hot Jazz Band, Lajos Sárközy and his band, as well as singer Andrea Malek during the Cziffra Festival on February 25 at 7.30 pm in MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.).

Fado songs. Cristina Branco, a singer who has discovered and reinterpreted traditional Portuguese music and fado, will perform on the stage of MOMkult (XII., 18 Csörsz St.) on February 28 from 8 p.m.

Winter illustrations. An exhibition of the works of storyteller and illustrator Viktória Takács will open in the gallery of the Jókai Club (XII., 5 Hollós Rd.), which can be visited from February 26 to April 18.